Michael Kotey

Michael Kotey, preferably called Kotey was born outside of Los Angeles, California in the early 80s. Near the end of that decade he moved out of the country with his family to Saudi Arabia for 10 years before returning to the United States. During his stay in Riyadh, he started really getting into Hip Hop dancing in the 5th grade. In 1998, he moved back to the states where he fell out of touch with dancing until his Junior year of high school where he meet a few classmates that were into Breaking and Popping. After high school he continued dancing during his first year at University of Maryland at College Park before transferring to the University of Baltimore to pursue a degree in Simulation and Digital Entertainment. During this transition, Kotey discovered Guardian through the same friends that rekindled his passion for dancing. When Kotey is not dancing he is usually playing video games, reading comics, watching animation, honing more skills in 3D design and playing with his 3D Printer. Where dancing is a passionate hobby of his, Kotey’s life goal is to move up in the gaming industry and become a 3D Artist in the future and doing some more travelling like he did in his teenage years.