Moving History Dance Curriculum


The Civil Rights struggle for educational equity continues today as school systems nationwide grapple with challenges ranging from the performance gap to the school-to-prison-pipeline. In this demanding environment, Moving History© provides concrete steps toward social justice by engaging students in a kinetic, American history education program which centers the experiences and contributions of African-Americans, leading to increased self esteem and problem-solving abilities, as well as critical thinking, collaboration, and teamwork skills for all students.

Moving History is a dance curriculum which explores movement traditions that began as American folk art, arising out of the need for creative self expression and community. Our core repertoire- Breaking, Locking, Lindy Hop, Baltimore Club, West African Dance, Vernacular Jazz, and East Coast Swing- are rigorous disciplines with international impact. Moving History supports students and teachers as they collaborate to develop exemplary technical skills in dance, while simultaneously raising student and community awareness about significant, historical events including the Harlem Renaissance, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Great Migration.

Aligned to MSDE standards, Moving History engages students through the integration of technology, differentiated instruction, and a team-based methodology designed to facilitate the development of 21st Century Skills. Through the promotion of positive self-concepts in students, Moving History builds and reinforces self-respect and respect for others that is critical for the positive transformation of communities and individuals.

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