Our Mission

Practice + Pass On + Perform = Preserve

Guardian acts as a preserver and restorer of culture and heritage by studying, teaching and performing dance styles that emerged as modes of personal and group expression within African American communities.

Our Philosophy

Concept of Self + Community + Continuity = Culture

Guardian is patterned after the West African model of the National Ballet in which each country is represented by a group of rigorously trained dancers who master and perform dances particular to that group or region.

African Dance, Lindy Hop, Breakin', Locking, Popping, and Baltimore Club, among other dances indigenous to black communities, are at once a record of the social history of African Americans, and also critical building blocks to the integrity of the community at large.

The Civil Rights movement continues today with efforts to elevate the culture, art, community and aesthetics of African American people to that of the dominant society. Self-esteem, self-value and self-love begin with knowledge of self. Where culture, art, style or language is considered inferior, so too are the people attached to them.
— Breai Mason-Campbell, Artistic Director

What We've Achieved

For 9 years, Guardian has designed and implemented a Arts Integrated Social Justice curriculum for New Song Academy in Sandtown, which was one of only 2 schools in Maryland to be named a Title I Distinguised School in 2014, and receive special honors for student achievement.  

Students from this 100% African American school have had the opportunity to learn, practice, and compete in integrated settings, win awards at an international level, host guests from South Africa and Uganda, travel, perform, and develop broader perspectives about the world, and the contribution they will make to it.  In recognition of Director, Breai Mason's work for positive cultural change, she was awarded an Ambassador's Scholarship from the Frankie Manning Foundation in 2014.  Our programs have received grants from both Teaching Tolerance and Young Audiences to aid in their implementation.